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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Update 1.4.1 – Deckbuilding fixed


This is just a quick note for you regarding another update we published last night. Turns out that deckbuilding didn’t work well when you sorted the cards, resulting in card cloning in your sideboard as well as in your main deck. Now we hope the issue is fixed and you can reliably use all deckbuilding features.

Apart from the deckbuilding issues, we also improved sorting, added a quick message of your spell count when building your deck (so you don’t have to open the deck statistics for counting), fixed the MWS export, improved the tablet graphics, fixed a grid issue and removed lands from the mana curve. Special thanks to all the feedback we got with bug reports and ideas for future improvements. This really helped us tremendously and kept our spirits up!

Finally thanks to all of you that have supported us by downloading the M13 edition and installing Rage of Bahamut. Unfortunately it seems that we have outraged some players with those 99 cents who gave us a 1-star rating on Google Play in return as an act of revenge. We can only repeat what we said before:
  1. We are not doing anything illegal, because we are only selling a “service” to draft.
  2. Our “competitors” on various platforms are a lot more expensive
  3. Really, it’s just 99 cents. Winning even a single booster pack on your FNM event through practicing with MTG Booster will return your “investment” by 4!
  4. Developing MTG Booster has taken hundreds of hours. Please consider the tremendous effort we are putting into this project in our free time.
Closing words: Those of you that respect our new path, we would kindly ask you to go to Google Play and submit a fair rating to MTG Booster, as all those 1-star insults start to hurt us a little. We would appreciate that.



  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, pretty big screw-up. Just published a new update to fix this (1.4.3), please install it when you have a chance.

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