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Friday, February 22, 2013

Update 1.8.1

Hi everyone,

Still enjoying Gatecrash drafts? We just launched a minor update for MTG Booster (version 1.8.1) that most importantly improves the drafting behaviour of the simulated opponents for Gatecrash. As it always happens, some of the cards were highly underrated and others overrated. Now everything should be fine.

Apart from the Gatecrash revision, we also added some small improvements. If you draft and build your deck in the “grid” mode (where you can see several cards on the screen), the sample hand simulator also uses that mode. That’s a great plus especially for tablets that up till now could display the sample hand only in full-screen mode. 10-inch magic cards just didn’t make any sense. As requested by some users, you can also now draw additional cards one by one in the same simulator. It’s a good way to test your mulligan skills.

The update is rounded up by a new sorting feature (by card type: Planeswalker, Creatures, Instants, etc.) and by automatically remembering the last view setting you were using.

Unless something unexpected happens, you’ll hear from us again in April when the last set “Dragon’s Maze” of the Ravnica block comes out.

Until then,
Happy Drafting!