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Friday, May 11, 2012

Update 1.3.1

Hello everybody!

Another update is out: Call it the Avacyn Restored Improvement Update. Two weeks ago, we were only guessing about each card’s strength on the battle field (and stack ;-)), but now we have learned our lessons. We know how fast (or slow) the format really is and how each new ability works in practice. The Soulbond ability is much more “stable” than anticipated, also due to the inherent lack of removal spells in the set. And Miracle spells… well, their effects seriously affect the board, but also expect to hard cast them more often than you would hope. All in all, that is the first and main improvement that comes with this update, the revised card ratings for a more realistic drafting experience.

Also we had the opportunity to sit down with former MTG pro Sergio Salas from Barcelona in order to discuss the AI. This invaluable feedback has pointed us to a weakness in the AI, which until now ignored mana curve considerations. From now on, all AI players are attracted to drafting a “perfect” mana curve. We hope that works out well. Thanks again, Sergio!

Apart from those gameplay issues, we also fixed a rare bug that caused the booster generator to crash due to an error while loading the database. Should you be one of the very few unlucky ones, we apologize and ask you to please update to the current version 1.3.1.

And that’s it again for now. We might be offline for a month or so, but when we come back, expect to see a new sweet feature: Convert pool to deck. Select the best 23 cards, move the rest to the sideboard and add basic lands. Until then, happy drafting!