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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Release 1.1.4 - 5000 Downloads

Hi everyone,

First of all, we are happy to announce the 5,000th download of MTG Booster, only very few months after initial release. Thank you so much to every one of you that downloaded the app!

Since we have received some great feedback from some of you, we owe you some kind of "road map" of our future releases. So, here it is:

Version 1.1.4: Released today, we (hopefully) managed to fix all remaining stability issues, most of them caused when the app was not closed properly but instead just moved to the background. Anyway, the app should be very stable by now, any of you that encountered issues like crashes should give this new version a try (actually version 1.1.3 was already a HUGE step in terms of stability)!

Version 1.2: We have already started to work on this one and will get it released in a couple of weeks (quite a precise prediction, we know). That version will include the latest MTG set Dark Ascension. Having to support multiple editions comes along with very deep structural changes in the code (for example a new user would not be happy to be required a 40MB initial download just in order to generate a booster). That is why we are not sure if that next update will have many more features apart from the new edition - which we want to release as quickly as possible without any delays due to new features. Because we know how excited you are to draft with the new expansion...

Version 1.3: Work on that will start once that version 1.2 runs smoothly (whenever that will be). On that version we want to improve the overall user experience. In fact, that release will include many of the suggestions we have received from all of you. Among the most notable features we are planning in that version is "Booster to Deck" (choosing the best cards of your drafted pool and fill up the remaining slots with basic lands) and somehow include card prices.

And that's all for now. As always we would like to encourage you to participate by giving us invaluable feedback, it is greatly appreciated.