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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Update 1.5 – Sealed Deck Mode

Hello everybody!

Another update is out, with its top feature being the new mode “Sealed Deck”. It might not be quite as exciting as simulating a booster draft, but it should still be fun and help you prepare for pre-release and release events, where sealed deck is a popular format. In case you are not familiar with this format, it consists of opening 6 booster packs at once and building the best 40-card deck from the cards you found.

Sealed Deck is not the only new feature though. We also would like to be closer to the MTG Booster community, so we set up a Facebook page and also created a Twitter account. It would be awesome if you “like” us on Facebook and if you follow us on Twitter. And if you have comments, feature requests or questions and prefer not to post it here in the blog, just let us know via Facebook (or email).

We also included a feature that should help beginners find a good card during a draft. When you click the “Suggestion” button, the AI gives you a list of the top 3 cards it would recommend picking. Of course, the AI is not human and could never give an accurate advice like a real magic player, so please consider that this feature is not for pros.

Also, this update includes support for a very old block: Ravnica City of Guilds, Dissension and Guildpact. We are simply curious if players would enjoy drafting with classic sets. So it actually is a test: If lots of players download the Ravnica block, we will provide more classic popular sets (maybe Alpha, the Urza block, you name it), but if nobody really cares, we are likely to stick to new releases. As always, please don’t be upset about the 99c price tag as it would hardly be a valid popularity comparison (M13 vs. RAV) if it was free. OK?

More new features: You now have color distribution statistics for your drafted or sealed decks, which should help you tweak your main and splash colors. If you want to manually set the basic lands, the mana symbol distribution graphics should be helpful. We also improved some performance issues, so we hope the app starts and loads decks faster now. Last but not least, the wishlist is now exportable to MWS.

And that’s it for now. Please let us know if anything is not working as expected. And don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. See you there!



  1. Love the app for sure but just a few suggestions...
    1. When viewing cards in grid view should be able toclick on a card for individual view...
    2. Please add more of the old expansions
    3. A deck building tool would be great even to just make lists.
    Hope this helps

    1. Hey Rob,

      Thank you for your suggestions.

      1. The grid-click sounds like a good idea, but it would need some modifications on how the app currently works. We can’t use simple click during draft, because clicking on a card picks it or moves it to sideboard/maindeck. There we could use longClick for individual view. Unfortunately in the Edition and Wishlist view screens, longClick adds (removes) the card to the wishlist. So we would have to change that in order to enable individual view on longClick. We could pop up a little menu on longClick with the options “Wishlist”, “View”, etc., but that would mean 2 clicks (and one of them being a long click) just for viewing a card... We’ll have to find something elegant for this to work.

      2. Awesome. We’ll definitely do that. The question is: Which one? Alpha? Urza? Ice Age? Or CUBE? I guess we should start a poll or something.

      3. I don’t get this one. A deckbuilding tool that can only handle the Innistrad block, the current core set and some old blocks? Is a deck building tool useful if it lacks modern, legacy, vintage and commander support? In other words: if it only handles standard and block decks?