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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Release 1.2 – Dark Ascension

Hello everybody, dear MTG Booster community!

A new release is out! Finally! It has taken us way longer than expected and we would like to apologize for that, but the good news is: Dark Ascension is now available for drafting.

And that is not the only new feature! It is no longer necessary to download all card images prior to first use. That means in four clicks and ten seconds you are good to go and ready for drafting. And if you prefer downloading all pictures at home where you have wireless LAN, no problem at all. Just download them all at once, using the new download service we have implemented (open the menu and click “Load card images”).

Aside from Dark Ascension, the other most notable improvement we have made in this new version is the draft algorithm itself. CPU players draft in a more realistic manner now. If you still believe that CPU players underestimate certain cards or draft archetypes, please let us know and we will keep improving their artificial intelligence.

Okay, so much for the good news. Unfortunately we also have some bad news as well. As you might be aware, after years of ignoring mobile app development, Wizards of the Coast have finally released their own Magic: the Gathering app. For now it is only available for iPhone, but it won’t be long till it comes out on Android. Why is that a concern at all? Well, it turns out that WotC have started to take legal action and forced Apple and Google to remove most MTG apps, claiming that those apps were infringing copyrights. As of now, we are still on Google Play, so that is good news. But still we do not want to go on just like nothing had happened and that is why we have revised MTG Booster and have removed all copyrighted logos and graphics we could renounce. We are sorry that with this update the app has lost some of its original beauty and “Magic-ness”, but we feel that this is the only way to keep this project alive. 

For further reading on this issue, we recommend the following blog post by Platty Soft, which describes quite well the dilemma that independent MTG app developers like us are in. Here it is:

And that's all for now. As always we would like to encourage you to participate by giving us feedback, it is greatly appreciated. Until then, happy Easter and have fun drafting Dark Ascension!



  1. Love the app, and its great to see DKA added, however I'd much rather see dka/isd/isd drafting available than triple dka(which is a vastly inferior format).

    1. Indeed, will be in the next release ;)

    2. -SO- glad to hear that! The prospectnext of being able to legitimately practice for FNM drafting with this app, as opposed to using it primarily to gain familiarity with the sets is quite exciting. Any chance of an estimate for the next update? Will it be coming before or alongside the Avacyn update?

    3. Our dedication to MTG Booster varies enormously, but if everything goes according to plan, we will have an intermediate update between now and the Avacyn release. Working on it right now...